About Us

Forest Hills Black Powder Brigade

We are a family oriented club dedicated to the sport of Black Powder Shooting and re-enacting the lifestyle of the old Fur Trade/Frontier era (roughly 1730-1840), We do have a good share of single members in our fold as well. We welcome anyone interested in black powder shooting and/or experiencing the life of the good old days.

There are many groups like ours throughout the Pacific Northwest and the United States. Check out the related links page to find other Northwest area clubs. Our main goal is to get people involved in our great hobby, regardless what club they are in. In fact, some "Buckskinners" are "Free Trappers". They do not belong to a particular club, but can be found at all Rendezvous throughout the land.

Our monthly shoot is on the 3rd Saturday of the month, except in May when we shoot on the 2nd Saturday. We start shooting at 10:00 a.m. Prior to this we have a brief meeting to discuss club business. Visitors are welcome to come early. In the non-summer months, we have hot coffee all day and chili for lunch, free for all. We also have a raffle later in the day, to help us raise funds for the club. Some of the raffle items are crafted by our own club members. You do not need any equipment, just come out and experience what we do! However, if you do have a Black Powder firearm, bring it with you and join in the fun. Please note that we only shoot with 'traditional' muzzleloaders of the time period, 'in-line' rifles are not permitted. Our shooting range is located at 12255 Budlong Ln. SE, Mill City, OR 97360.

Our club sponsors a Rendezvous held over Memorial Day Weekend. Check out the Events Calendar for specific dates. A Rendezvous is a great place to see what we are all about. Most Rendezvous, or "Rondy" as it is often called, will have a modern camping area and a primitive area. Visitors are always welcome in the primitive camps to get a feel for that period in history. There will also be a Traders Row, where you can buy trinkets and goods, many of which are handcrafted.

Some of our club members are very skilled in a variety of crafts. We have people who do black-smithing, wood working, gun-smithing, sewing, horn making, beading, leather work and more. You should be able to find someone that can either craft anything for your desired need,, or at the very least, give you guidance on doing it yourself or where to find what you are looking for.

Be sure to visit our Contacts page to reach a club member should you have any questions. We hope to see you at one of the many events!

Safe travels!