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Forest Hills Black Powder Brigade


 1.  The safety of competitors, range personnel and spectators requires continuous attention by all to the careful handling of firearms and caution in moving about the range.  Self discipline is necessary on the part of all competitors.  Where such self-discipline is lacking, it is the duty of the range personnel to enforce discipline and the duty of the competitors to assist in such enforcement.

 2.  Loud or abusive language will not be permitted.

 3.  For club shoots, patched round balls shall be used (mini or round balls for muskets).  All privately sponsored shoots will specify.

 4.  All shooters under the age of twelve (12) must be under close supervision during loading and firing.  All shooters under the age of 12 will abide by adult rules.

 5.  After targets are posted for an individual match, there will be no more sign ups for that match.

 6.  Each shooter shall have a competitor number which shall appear on his or her target.

 7.  Club sponsored shoots will allow open sights only, unless otherwise specified.

 8.  If two declare they are doubling on one gun, the Range Officer may extend the match 10 minutes for rifle, 15 minutes for pistol, for those individuals doubling, at his or her discretion.

 9.  Only registered competitors shall occupy shooting and loading areas, all others must apply to the Safety Officer for permission to do so.

 10.  On official shoot days there will be no shooting until the Range Officer declares the range open.

 11.  No competitor will change firearms during the firing of a match unless it has become disabled and has been so designated by the Range or Safety Officer.  For the purpose of this rule, the firing of a match is considered to have started when the competitor has fired the first recorded shot.  A claim that a firearm is disabled must be made immediately.  All shots fired up to the time the claim is made will stand as part of the official score.  No score or partial score will be re-fired because of a disabled firearm.

 12.  A competitor may claim inability to complete his scores within the time limit because of a disabled firearm or is ordered by the Range Officer to discontinue firing.  The Range Officer, if satisfied that conditions are as claimed, will allow additional time, not to exceed the time limit for the distance being fired for each shot remaining unfired.

 13.  The time will be stated in the program.  Once a competitor has posted an official target, said target must be completed in that relay.  If a competitor has unusual sight-in problems, he must notify the Range Officer.  At the discretion of the Range Officer, additional sighting time may be allowed.  The competitor must not have fired a recorded shot.

 14.  No competitor may delay the start of a match through tardiness in reporting or in undue delay in preparing to fire.

 15.  Any competitor who fired twice for the same prize shall be disqualified, except in reentry matches.

 16.  No person or competitor will evade nor be an accessory to the evasion of any conditions of a match as prescribed in the program or in these shooting rules.

 17.  No competitor shall be allowed to have another competitor do his firing.

 18.  It is the individual competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the proper target has been assigned to the position he wishes and to see that it is hung there.

 19.  If any shots are fired before the command: “commence firing” or after the command “cease firing”, the shots of highest value equal to the number fired in error will be scored as misses.

 20.  At the command “cease firing”, no gun shall be discharged without the permission of the Range Officer.

 21.  Hawks and knives must be kept sheathed.

 22.  The firing line will be kept clear at all times with the exception of shooters in competition and such range personnel as may be necessary.  Any person or competitor who interferes with or annoys in any way will be warned and upon failure to stop will be ordered off the firing line area.

 23.  There will be no optics used to look at targets while competition is in progress.

 24.  No intoxicated or disorderly person shall be allowed on the firing line at any time.

 25.  The use of intoxicants on the firing line shall be ample cause for disqualification.

 26.  No person shall be allowed to smoke on or near the firing line at any time.


Range Rules