Forest Hills Black Powder Brigade

Safety Rules

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 1. No firearms will be loaded or caps snapped until the range is called open.  Guns will be carried muzzle up and away from the body, between the loading benches and the firing line.  Caps may be snapped only on the firing line with muzzle pointed down range.  No gun will be capped or primed until the shooter is on the firing line.

 2. No loaded firearm shall be taken from the firing line without the permission of the Safety Officer.  In the event of a misfire, raise your hand and yell “MISFIRE”.  The Safety Officer, Range Officer or designee will escort the shooter to an area designated for clearing misfires.

 3.  There must be one adult present in addition to the shooter when using the range at any time.

 4.  It is the responsibility of each individual that their firearms are in proper and safe working order prior to each shoot.

 5. There will not be any open top containers of powder on or near the firing line or loading benches.

 6.  There will not be any fireworks on the range.

 7.  Any time a competitor wishes to clear their rifle after the command “Commence Firing” has been given, they must tell the Safety Officer that something is wrong and desires to clear for safety reasons.

 8.  Safety glasses and hearing protection is strongly recommended for shooter’s safety, especially for the juniors and peewees.

 9.  When carrying a revolver from target to target, the hammer must be on an empty chamber.

 10.  Malfunction is failure of the firearm to function properly due to mechanical defects.  Performance failure due to improper operation or loading is not considered as a malfunction.  No firearm shall be used in any competition if ruled unsafe by the Safety Officer.

 11.  Children may not carry or use hawks and knives without close adult supervision.

 12.  Hawks and knives must be sheathed.

 13.  At the command “Cease Firing”, no gun shall be discharged without permission of the Range or Safety Officer.

 14.  No person shall be allowed to smoke on or near the firing line at any time.  Smoking in designated areas only.

 15.  The use of intoxicants on the firing line shall be ample cause for disqualification.

 16.  No intoxicated or disorderly person shall be allowed on the firing line at any time.

 17.  The firing line will be kept clear at all times with the exception of shooters in competition and such range personnel as may be necessary.  Any person or competitor who interferes with or annoys the competitor in any way will be warned, and upon failure to stop will be ordered off the firing line area.

 18.  Only shooters, Range and Safety Officers are allowed in the shooting shed.  Spectators are asked to remain in the covered area when shooting from the shed.

 19.  All shooters will have forward foot touching the firing line when shooting from the shed with the exception of shotgun competitions, which will be supervised by Range or Safety Officers or designated appointees.