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Forest Hills Black Powder Brigade


 1.  Club shoots shall be held the third Saturday of the month.  The meeting of the club will be held at the club shoots.

 2.  We will rotate the shoots: Paper, Novelty and Trail Walks.

 3.  An aggregate target shall be shot during each monthly shoot.  Monthly aggregates cannot be made up.  Nine calendar months of the best aggregate scores will be used to determine top shooter in each division.  Eligible adults must be club members.  Any Peewee, Junior or Young Adult who is accompanied by an adult club member is eligible to participate in our end of year awards.  Divisions are Rifle, Trade Gun, Pistol, Shot Gun and Hawk and Knife.  Only aggregate scores will be added to determine top aggregate shooter of the year.  The top shooters of the year in all classifications will be determined by a point system.  Classifications are Men, Women, Young Adults, Junior and Peewees.  Points will be awarded as follows:
 Five (5) points will be awarded to the participant finishing in first (1st) place in each event
 Four (4) points will be awarded to the participant finishing in second (2nd) place in each event
 Three (3) points will be awarded to the participant finishing in third (3rd) place in each event
 Two (2) points will be awarded to the participant finishing in fourth (4th) place in each event
 One (1) point will be awarded to the remaining participants in each event
Events include aggregates, trail walks, paper shoots, novelty shoots, pistol shoots, hawk & knife throwing, shot gun or any other special events designated by the Executive Committee at the beginning of each year.  All calendar months will be totaled to determine the top shooter of the year award in each classification.  Record keeping for the shooter of the year award will be the responsibility of the Vice President.

 4.  All points of contention or controversy will be decided in accordance with the latest rules and regulations of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA).

 5.  No person will refuse to obey the instructions of the Executive Officers or the Range Officer nor any other Officer of the matches in proper conduct of the affairs of his/her office.

 6.  Children must be under close adult supervision at all times.

 7.  Pets shall be under control at all times.

 8.  Any Executive Officer, upon proper presentation of evidence, will disqualify any competitor for violation of paragraphs inclusive of this section.  He/She may disqualify any competitor or his/her expulsion from the range for violation of these rules or any conduct considered by the Range or Safety officer to be discreditable.

 9.  The Executive Committee of the FOREST HILLS BLACK POWDER BRIGADE, upon presentation of evidence and hearings as provided in the Brigade bylaws, may suspend or expel any member for violation of these rules.

 10.  The firing line will be under the command of the Range and/or Safety Officer and such assistants as may be required.  These officers have full authority on the firing line at all times.  It is the duty of these officers to familiarize themselves with these regulations.

 11.  It is the duty of all competitors to police the firing points and loading benches after completion of the shoot.  All cleaning patches, empty cap boxes, etc., shall be picked up and placed in proper containers.

 12.  Trade Gun shoots, when held separately from monthly shoots; require a minimum of four participants.

 13.  All new members must attend three club shoots, which include rendezvous, approval for membership shall be by the majority of the members present at the meeting for which the approval is obtained.

 14.  The Executive Committee will appoint Booshways and Trade Show Chairpersons.

 15.  The newsletter editor will publish a newsletter monthly, which shall be mailed no later than one week prior to the monthly shoot.

 16.  A yearly dinner meeting will be held in September for election of officers and presentation of awards.  Officers will be installed in October.

 17.  Dues will be payable after August 1st and delinquent after the September meeting.  Delinquent members will be dropped from the rolls as of the November shoot.  Dues will be $15.00 per individual and $22.50 per family.  Members joining after February 1st shall pay half (1/2) the regular rate.  Each additional immediate family member over the age or 18 and under the age of 21 years, living at the same address shall receive full membership upon payment of $3.00.

 18.  Illness: Cards will be sent.  Flowers or a donation will be at the discretion of two (2) Officers.

 19.  Death: Cards will be sent.  Flowers or a donation will be at the discretion of two (2) Officers.

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Standing Rules